Jan Brouckaert Photography

Recent Events

EXPOSITION A Tunis Carthage (29/09/19- 13/11/19)

Participation a Carte de Visite (07/02/2020- 09/02/2020)

I was participating with some Brussels images at the groupexpo 'carte de visite'- 'ARTopenKUNST' at the Vanderborght Building centre Brussels.

The event around the Book 'Tunis, Mon Guide' was launched in the bookstore Galerie Fahrenheit 451 and at the Belgian Embassy in Tunis. The video herunder gives you a view of the opening night at the Embassy.

To know more about the works and the book (which is still available online) or at certain bookstores please visit the following pages on this site :

Colorworks : Tunis

Book : Tunis, Mon Guide.

To see the complete image collection of this series please visit the page Brussels in the Black & White Section


( 4/12/2022-31/03/2023)