Jan Brouckaert Photography

Why do we love Photobooks so much ?

If you compare the raise of the digital society and the publication of Photobooks, there is no indication that books are less published then before, on the contrary. Self made publishing and small luxuary print editions are geting more and more popular these days.

The digital image has its values but an image as a print, or in a book is still for many photograpers and fans the preferred way of looking at the artistic work.

This has its reasons, firts of all, there is the fact that an image once printed is an object that is touchable and identifiable, more then an image on the screen.

Secondly, by chossing the paper and the way the image is printed the artist can enhance its value, demonstating good craftmanship in printing garantuees the longlevity of the work and   shows the personality of the work better.

Before the mass printing services existed (Whitewall, etc) some photographers had didicated staff that ensured the quality of the work. This was only reserved for famous photographers (Henri-Cartier Bresson, for exemple) but it underlines the importace of the quality and consistency of the work.

In the following sections of this drop down lis tou can see my photobooks or projects that will be published. I hope you can find the equal pleasure of touching and feeling the images in the way I created it.