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Interesting Links

There are so many photograpic sites and reviews on the net, that it is hard to knwo which one to follow and to read.

I have some sites that I follow reguraly but often stumble on some new site or on some new interesting article.

To start with it is important what you are looking for.

-Photography equipment.

If you are looking about reviews and tests reagrding photo equimpent then there is no place better then DPReview. They test and compare nearly every bit of equimpent that is on teh market, there are even users reviews,it is a great place with many ressources and great technical skill.


Another source that is put together by longtime professionals and discuss a vast area of subjects, such as lenses, cameras,  old photo processes et many more but without being so  extinctive as DPReview is the luminous landscape. They also provides many lips, learning videos and organise workshops as well.


-Documentary Photography

Magnum Photographers have always been seen as the 'rolls-royce photographers' in their kind. Magnum is a legendary photoagency that groups some of the best documentary photographers in the world.

It has been founded after WO II by Werner Bisschoff, Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Capa.  

If you want to read more of the creation and the life of the agency, there is a very intersting book about itby Rusell Miller.


The Magnum website has great place to read about the work about the Magnum photographers and their work. Magum istelf publishes many books .


If you are interested in photo essays on social and political themes you should visit also foto8      

Even if they have stopped publishing there photo magazine, it is still a interesting choice of good photo essays, Or as they say themselves : "Foto8 connects documentary photographers, authors and audiences creating interactive displays, photography exhibitions, books and magazine publications.

Foto8 supports photojournalism to shine a light on subjects that shape our world"

you can visit the foto8s website here: www.foto8.com

-Fine Art Photography

A website ii often visit that has a great knowlegde about Fine Art and publishes a nice magazine (both on paer & digital) is lenswork. You can find their website here.


-Other Ressources

f you arelooking for amore general ressources about photography, the work of contemporean photographers aglleries etc you might find this atricle from the Guardian helpfull