Jan Brouckaert Photography


Working in color gives you endless possibilities. The world as seen by the photographers is thesedays only the start of the creation process. Hence the debate areound around the truth, and the way an image a fact, a moment that actually existed. Photojournalim suffers most from the thechnical possibilities that can alter the image and so alter the truth.

For an artist however, this discussion is different, it opens a broad range of possibilities todemonstrate our vision of the world.

Personally I do not often alter the reality of what i have seen dramtically, as I tend to belive that then image should represent what was there. However, color and excedent details might be altered (such us improve a sky, clone a dustbin or roadsign away...)

These actions are all in the benefit of the image, it makes it stronger, it removes the clutter and helps focussing on the elements that value.

The collection above is an extract of the many color images i made since years.

This is a never ending collection,  images will be added over time.